Text detection and recognition (also known as Text Spotting) from an image is a very useful and challenging problem that deep learning researchers have been working on since many years because of its practical applications in fields like document scanning, robot navigation and image retrieval, etc. Almost all the methods consisted of two separate stages so far: 1) Text detection 2) Text recognition. Text detection just finds out where the text is located in the given image and on these results, text recognition actually recognizes the characters from the text. Because of these two stages, two separate models were required…

Google merchandise store (also known as GStore) sells Google swag products like T-shirts, caps, wallets etc. online. Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics tool offered by Google to analyse website traffic and various statistics of users and can be integrated with any website.

Google Analytics Logo
Google Analytics Logo

As part of this case study, the task is to predict total revenue generated by users using Google Analytics data for GStore.


  1. Business Problem
  2. ML Problem formulation
  3. Source of Data
  4. Data Overview
  5. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  6. Data Cleaning and Feature Engineering
  7. Validation Strategy
  8. Modeling
  9. Deployment
  10. Conclusion
  11. Future Work
  12. References

1. Business Problem

GStore has collected Google Analytics data for…


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